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In China since 1992

Sun-Groupe Co Ltd was established in 1992 after privatization of a State owned company in People's Republic of China.

The name was changed to Sun (孙氏) - Groupe (集团), Sun, name of the founder and actual president of the group and Groupe for holding type activites.

Based on our long experience in China since 1992, Sun-Groupe Co. Ltd is active in several sectors, espcially internation trade (import-export of goods with China, East Asia and Europe).

Our company is also the first engineer's office of Puyang City (3'651'700 inhabitants) !

Sun-Groupe has established internation cooperation in research and engineering with European partners especially in Switzerland. The country is specialized in high quality technologies.

Producing and Distributing LED Lights

Since 2004, our partent company has established contacts with parts suppliers and in 2007 we started to assemble our first lights.

Our company has the main objective to always bring forward the highest quality and technology for our customers worldwide.

You can contact our team for any questions.

Regional Organization

Sun-Groupe Co. Ltd
- Puyang City
 > Head Quarter
 > Engineer Office

- Beijing
 > Commercial Office
- Shenzhen
 > Factory
 > Logistics

- Neuchatel City
 > Main reprensentative

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